In today's world do you think you have awareness and consciousness of your actions and thoughts?

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I see many people in my work as a personal trainer, and over the years I notice that it is possible to choose our feelings and consequently let go of the pain, what everyone has been looking for, isn't it?

On this journey, I got to know BIOCONNECTION, a method created by Leandro Heck Gemeo PHD, with the aim of transcending emotional and physical pain. It is a method that reconnects us to our true essence.

I realised that through this technique, we are able to retrieve important information about ourselves, which impact who we are today.

As a BIOCONNECTION Therapist, I work by starting an immersion work, guiding my patient so that he can access the superconsciousness to understand and transcend past pains, thereby changing thought patterns and connecting mind to body, undoing self-sabotaging habits, dissolving beliefs that were created throughout life and that limit us to living in pain and suffering.

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BIOCONNECTION is a real change in your life context.

By consciously accessing the dormant memories, awakening and a deep connection occur, with this it is possible to break the behavioural repetition cycles, which will mean a rebirth, where the manifestation and realisation of what we really want and desire begins to happen.

In this process new paths are designed, because when you know who you are, you no longer have any doubts about which paths to take. Your life mission becomes clear, through a profound process of self-knowledge.

The more connected you are, less guilt you feel, less pain and automatically your life changes and transforms.

Are you prepared for this change?


By choosing to put your body in motion with my BODY CONNECTION program, you will have a connection between the body and mind, you will know how to identify the cause of the problem and solve it with excellence and speed.

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If you're not familiar with my Personal training plans yet, don't worry. I'll assist you starting with an Anamnesis that I'll send shortly, and I'll recommend the best Plan for your current situation. Always with the main goal of your Well-being. 🥰